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Largest Selection of Biblical Springerle Molds in the World

Over 60 Biblical Scene Cookie Molds

Browse our collection of over 60 biblical scene cookie molds from the Old and New Testament. Be prepared to be amazed. These are some of the largest, oldest and most elaborately replicas of German and Swiss springerle cookie molds every produced. They include: Adam and Eve; Noah's Ark; Caleb's Grapes; Moses; Samson; Elijah; Jacob's Dream; King David; Mary and Elizabeth; religious Christmas; The Last Supper; Crucifixion; Resurrection; Ascension; St. Peter and Evangelists Matthew, John, Luke and Paul. The bible scenes are very detailed and can be great for telling biblical stories to children.

Swiss Quality Biblical Scene Cookie Molds

All of our cookie molds are crafted by Swiss artisans who hand pour, paint and finish each mold individually. They are highly trained and dedicated to their profession. Our molds are food-safe, waterproof and unbreakable. This means that you will be able to pass your springerle cookie mold collection down to the next generation.

Amaze your Family and Friends

We give you access to free how-to videos, easy recipes and photo galleries so that you can learn to make beautiful cookies and crafts with our molds. Every detail in the mold will show in your finished cookie--almost as if you carved the cookie yourself! Prepare to have fun. And call or write us if you have questions. We love to talk about using our springerle molds.