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World's Largest Selection of Religious Christmas Cookie Molds

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Flower Star Springerle Cookie Mold dia 115 mm Flower Star Springerle Cookie Mold

Product Code: 1039

Peace Angel Springerle Cookie Mold Peace Angel Springerle Cookie Mold

Product Code: 1148

Venus Star Springerle Cookie Mold Venus Star Springerle Cookie Mold

Product Code: 1681

Four Leaves Springerle Cookie Mold Four Leaves Springerle Cookie Mold

Product Code: 1687


Over 80 Christmas Religious Springerle Cookie Molds

You have an enormous range from which to choose. The motifs include Nativity, Epiphany, Adoration of the Shepherds, Three Wise Men, Flight into Egypt, Mary with the Child Jesus, angels and stars. These Christmas molds are reproductions of German and Swiss antique cookie molds dating as far back as the 1500s. Whether you're looking for small religious molds that make good eating size cookies or large show-stopper bible scene cookie molds of the Nativity to make cookies that can be shared with friends or used as a cake topper, you're sure to find the traditional German and Swiss Christmas cookie molds that have been a tradition in families for centuries.

Highest Quality Religious Cookie Molds in the World

Our religious motif cookie molds are made in Switzerland using the highest quality materials and skilled people available. They are poured, painted and finished by hand and attention to detail is legendary. The intricate carvings in the original antique cookie molds are reproduced down to the finest details in the religious cookie molds that we offer you. Details such as folds on robes, eyes and smiles are accurate and as clear as in the original molds. Our cookie molds are guaranteed waterproof and unbreakable. This means that you can enjoy using these molds with your family and then pass them down to the next generation.

Make Gorgeous Religious Christmas Cookies

We help you keep Christ in Christmas by baking some of the most beautiful religious cookies your family and friends will ever see. We offer free YouTube videos that guide you through the steps of dough making, molding and baking the cookies. We also help you visualize how attractive your finished cookies will be by showing religious Christmas cookie views on many of our product pages. Check out our website's Photo Gallery and Tips sections for innovative ideas using your Christmas religious cookie molds. We also welcome your phone calls when you have questions regarding making and baking your cookies using our cookie molds. We're here to help you be a fantastic success.