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Largest Selection of Flower and Plant Cookie Molds in the World

Over 200 Flower and Plant Cookie Molds

Springerle Joy brings you the largest choice of flower and plant cookie molds in the world.
Flowers and plants are the most popular motifs in springerle cookie molds. Flower cookies are baked for all occasions and in all seasons. Whether you are looking for a large flower cookie mold for making party favors and gifts, or small eating-size cookies for a cookie plate, you are certain to find the perfect motif on our website. Most of our flower and plant cookie molds are reproductions of original wooden molds carved in Switzerland and Germany, many dating back to the 18th and 19th centuries. Enjoy browsing!

Highest Quality Flower and Plant Cookie Molds in the World

All of our cookie molds are made in Switzerland. That says it all. Our manufacturer, Ă„nis-Paradies employs the finest quality materials, ecologically sound production methods and most importantly, highly skilled and trained people. Our flower and plant molds are poured, painted and finished by hand and attention to detail is unequaled. You'll see that the intricate carvings are reproduced down to the finest details in the flower and plant cookie molds that we offer. Notice the exquisite detail of the flower petals, the veining on leaves, spectacular leaf borders and a spectrum of textures and depths in in the carving of the flower bouquets. Your springerle cookies will reproduce all those details, too! You'll enjoy using and displaying our cookie molds for years to come and then be able to give them to the next generation while your Springerle Joy molds are still in excellent condition! Our cookie molds are guaranteed waterproof and unbreakable, the best warranty in the industry.

Create Impressive Flower and Plant Cookies

We help you every step of the way so you bake flower and plant cookies that will bowl over your family and friends. We offer free YouTube videos that take you through dough making, molding and baking your cookies. And we offer videos on how to paint cookies and fondant impressions made using our cookie molds. Plus we display photos of flower and plant cookies on many of our product pages, so you can see how beautiful your cookies will be. Please also browse our website's Recipes, Photo Gallery and Tips sections for creative ideas using your springerle molds for baking and crafts. If you have questions, please call us. We love talking all about cookie molds. We're here to help you be a fabulous success!