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Currants Springerle Cookie Mold Currants Springerle Cookie Mold

Product Code: 2285

Peaches Springerle Cookie Mold Peaches Springerle Cookie Mold

Product Code: 2366

Grapes springerle cookie mold Grapes Springerle Cookie Mold

Product Code: 2736

9 Pictures - Lyre Swan Springerle Cookie Mold 9 Pictures - Lyre Swan...Springerle Cookie Mold

This elaborate springerle board has 9 intricately cut images. Some images are also made as individual molds and are noted in parentheses.
Lyre(6821), swan, fruits/flowers, two rabbits (3527), two birds, flower urn, fish, woman churning butter with dog, leaf wreath (2013).

Recommended Dough Thickness: 8 mm with our Dough Thickness Guides.

Cutters fitting this mold as well as helpful tools are found directly below in the Accessories section.


Over 80 Fruit Springerle Cookie Molds

Browse our large selection of fruit molds and enjoy our luscious pears, cherries, peaches, apples, strawberries, grapes and pomegranates to name just a few. The contours and fine details on berries and leaves are extraordinary! Cookies from these molds will have your guests amazed!