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Luster Dust Old Gold + spoon + opener
Luster Dust Old Gold plus spoon and opener

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Use the tip of this tiny spoon to put 1/16 teaspoon or less into a well of our 10-Well Palette. Add about 12 drops of Triple Sec (vodka or any other clear drinking alcohol will also work). Stir the luster dust and the alcohol together with the handle of the spoon (wipe off the handle after with a paper towel). Select a brush from our 6-Brush Set and begin painting highlights of your cookie.

  • Only use the luster dust to paint highlights (the bumpy parts) of your cookie. If you paint the whole cookie, it will look unappetizing.
  • The alcohol will evaporate quickly, so you may need to replenish the alcohol in the paint well occasionally.

Do not consume luster dusts in large quantities, such as dumping a jar into a cake batter "to make the cake sparkle". (Yes, it has been done and it makes the manufacturer's lawyers nervous.) Please be sensible. A little jar should last you years!

Opener courtesty of Sherwin-Williams.