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World's Largest Selection of Star Springerle Cookie Molds

Over 20 Star Springerle Cookie Molds

We offer a celestial assortment of star springerle molds. The motifs include stars with exquisite filigree scroll work, stars within stars within stars, Venus stars, flower stars, a star with crosses and stars that look like they belong on antique quilts. Whether you're looking for star cookie molds for Christmas, Hanukkah, graduation, showers, birthday parties, anniversaries or other celebrations, you're sure to find the perfect one here. Most of our star cookie molds are reproductions of original wooden molds carved in the Appenzell region of Switzerland and in the Black Forest region of Germany.

Highest Quality Star Cookie Molds in the World

Our star cookie molds are made in Switzerland, using the highest quality materials, ecologically sound production methods and most importantly, highly skilled people. Our star molds are poured, painted and finished by hand, and attention to detail is paramount. You'll see that the intricate carvings are reproduced down to the finest details in the star cookie molds that we offer. Notice the exquisite detail of the scroll work, the perfect symmetry of the star-within-star within-star segments, and the motion that is almost created as you stare into the Venus stars. Your cookies will show all those details, too! Our cookie molds are guaranteed waterproof and unbreakable. Enjoy using these molds with your family for years and you'll be able to pass them down to the next generation in excellent condition.

Make Brilliant Star Cookies

We help you make and bake star cookies that will delight your family and friends. We offer free YouTube videos that lead you through the steps of dough making, molding and baking your star cookies. We also offer videos on how to paint cookies and fondant impressions made using our cookie molds. In addition, we show you photos of finished star cookies on many of our star mold product pages, so you can see how beautiful your finished cookies will be. Also view our website's Photo Gallery and Tips sections for creative ideas for using your star cookie molds for baking and crafts. If you have any questions, feel free to call us. We love talking about cookie molds. We're here to help you be a dazzling success.