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Three Kings Springerle Cookie Mold 1239
Three Kings Springerle Cookie Mold 1239
Custom Cutter(s): 17044

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Product Code: 1239

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Three Kings

This cookie mold reproduction is made of a food-safe resin that is unbreakable and waterproof. It comes with metal eyelet hanger attached at the top for display on a wall. In addition to making cookies, you can make ornaments using this mold (we recommend non-toxic modeling materials such as Paperclay or Delight).

Recommended dough thickness: 8 mm using our Dough Thickness Guides

Recommended cutter: 17044

Baking Tips:
To avoid bubbles using this mold with a springerle recipe, bake this cookie at no higher than 290 degrees F. ("Slow and Low", as we say.) At about 10 minutes, take the tray out of the oven and check the top of each cookie for any hint of a bubble by pressing gently on the top with a hot pad or one layer of a kitchen towel. Avoid using your bare hand. If you detect any "give", gently press the image down to bind it to the moist middle of the cookie. Repeat this every three-four minutes until the cookies are slightly golden brown on the bottoms (15-20 minutes total baking time).

Take them out of the oven, and continue pressing on the tops for about 5 minutes as they cool on the cookie sheet.

This is a technique that we use all the time with intricately carved molds like this one to avoid cracks.

Oval Fluted Cookie Cutter 104 mm x 83 mm
Oval Fluted Cookie Cutter 104 mm x 83 mm