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LorAnn Ammonium Carbonate (a.k.a. Hartshorn Hirschhornsalz (2.7 oz.)
Lorann Ammonium Carbonate / Hartshorn / Hirschhornsalz 2.7 oz

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LorAnn Ammonium Carbonate, 2.7 oz. An old-time leavening agent popular before the introduction of double-acting baking powder.
Some springerle recipes call for it.
Use it with care. Keep out of the reach of children. Do not eat the raw dough. When opening the oven door while springerle cookies with ammonium carbonate are baking, step to the side to avoid being zapped by ammonia gas. When the cookies are fully baked, the ammonia will not be present in the finished cookie.

Note: You can make delicious springerle cookies without ammonium carbonate. See our Classic Springerle Recipe. The cookies made with the recipe get a good foot, and reproduce even the most detailed mold beautifully. This recipe is used all over Switzerland and southern Germany. All you need is a good hand mixer or stand mixer to beat the eggs to a froth (about 6 minutes). After that, add your dry ingredients in a businesslike fashion to trap the bubbles. The bubbles stay in the dough, yes, even when the tops of the cookies are drying overnight.
Try this recipe and we think you'll like the results. And save yourself $7.50--to spend on more molds, of course!