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Anismodel (The Springerle Mold) Book w/ English Translation Baking with Cookie Molds Book Book: "Stolze Reiter, schoene Damen" ("Proud Rider-Beautiful Women")
The Springerle Mold Book Baking with Cookie Molds Book Stolze Reiter Shoene Damen Book. (Proud Rider Beautiful Women: The Picture World of the Cookie Mold)
This book details the history, symbolism and use of springerle molds from ancient times to the present. Richly illustrated with over 500 photos. 144 pages.

Written by Linus Feller, the founder of Anis-Paradies which the largest springerle mold company in the world.

Included with your book is a complete English translation by Patrice Romzick, owner of Springerle Joy.

This 258-page all-photo book is a fabulous tour of one of the most extensive private collections of antique springerle cookie molds in the world. The photography is gorgeous!

99% of the book is color plates, 1% is German text. You can easily understand the dating without needed to know any German.

Christa Fischer is the owner of the collection. She wrote the book, molded the images and extensively painted the images according to the historical colors and styles of the times. The molds are dated with the help of Leo von Steiglitz M.A. of the Landesmuseum Stuttgart (Alte Schloss Waldbuch).

This is a must-have for anyone fascinated by the history of springerle molds and the beauty of the images. Of all the books we've seen on antique springerle mold collections this is absolutely the best. Buy it now. We have a limited supply.