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Delight Air-Dry Modeling Compound
Delight Air Dry Modeling Compound non-toxic 3 oz
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Delight Air-Dry Modeling Compound dries light with a little flexibility. Great for making springerle mold impressions that will be put on cards being sent via mail. Makes about 30 -2.2 inch dia. ornaments.

Use this modeling compound when you want to keep things light.
For Christmas tree ornaments, we recommend Paperclay rather than Delight because Paperclay is a little heavier and therefore the ornaments hang better.

See the cards and other craft work in the photos above for ideas. Some were painted with metallic acrylic paints and others with a base coat of Pearlizing Medium followed by Pearlescent Water Colors

  1. Roll the Delight about 5 mm thick with our Dough Thickness Guides for molds that are 2-4 inches in diameter. Make the Delight thicker for larger or deeper molds. Generally, you can roll your Delight a little thinner than you do for cookies.
  2. Dust the mold and the surface of the Delight with cornstarch to prevent sticking.
  3. Mold the Delight as you would a cookie. Remove the mold. If part of the details don't show up in the impression, reverse the process: Push the rolled Delight into the open mold, pressing with your fingers into any deep areas where the impression was faint.
  4. Remove the mold from the Delight and cut out the impression as you would a cookie.
  5. Clean up your molds with a soft brush, soap and water. Rinse well. Dry. Because Delight is non-toxic, you can then use your clean molds for cookies again.
  6. Air dry your Delight impressions about 1 day, flipping the images over every few hours to get even drying on both sides and prevent warping.
  7. Paint with acrylic paints or Pearlescent Watercolors.
  1. Plan ahead to make your ornaments. They're very simple to mold but the air-drying process takes about one day. Mold a bunch at once so you have a stash to paint later.
  2. Turn the drying impressions over every few hours to get even drying and prevent warping.
  3. Kids can paint these. Try simpler molds with the young ones and work up from there to more complicated images.
See our video Crafting with Springerle Molds for more information.