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Noah's Ark Springerle Cookie Mold
Noah's Ark Springerle Cookie Mold

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This is a blockbuster mold that would be beautiful as a gift cookie or as a cake topper in fondant or marzipan.

This antique cookie mold reproduction is made of a food-safe resin that is unbreakable and waterproof. It comes with metal eyelet hanger attached at top for display on a wall. In addition to making cookies, you can make ornaments using this mold (we recommend non-toxic modeling materials such as Paperclay or Delight).

Recommended dough thickness: 18 mm using our Dough Thickness Guides.

Recommended cutter: 10004

Molding and Cutting Tips

  1. Make a whole batch of dough for this cookie (9 eggs/ 2 lbs confectioners sugar/ 2 lbs cake flour/ flavoring oil) You'll have some dough left over for a few smaller cookies. Be sure to let the dough rest for at least 30 minutes. Then adjust the moisture of your dough by kneading in flour until it is just a little sticky on the inside of the dough.
  2. Because this is a big cookie, you want to be over the mold while pressing downward. This is best accomplished if your dough is on a kitchen table which is lower than a counter.
  3. We suggest you roll the dough out on a piece of parchment paper so that you can transfer the finished cookie to a cookie sheet easily. To minimize the parchment paper slipping, press out your dough in the general round shape of the mold with your hands and lay it on the parchment paper. At this point the dough might be 24 or 30 mm thick and 5 inches in diameter.
  4. Before rolling out the dough with the rolling pin, be sure you have plenty of flour underneath the dough so it slides. Stack all the dough guides (the 10 mm + 5 mm + 3 mm) on each side and roll.
  5. After you have rolled out the dough, check that the dough still slides. If it doesn't, slip in more flour underneath. You want to be sure that the cookie doesn't stick to your surface when you mold it. This is a big cookie and you don't want to distort it after molding because your dough is stuck!
  6. Brush lots of flour on the surface of your dough and on your mold.
  7. Press the mold down slowly but firmly onto the dough. Press on all sides/edges of the mold so that the mold cavities are full. This is especially important on the border of the mold where the leaf trim is carved very deeply.
  8. Remove the mold. Inspect your impression. If it is light/ indistinct in some areas, note where those areas are on the mold and remind yourself to press more firmly in those zones. Then ball up your dough impression, knead it until there are no fold lines and try it again. Remember to dust the mold and the dough so that nothing sticks.
    Even the very experienced bakers at Springerle Joy often have to try several times before they get an impression from a very large mold that they're happy with. You have to learn how that particular large mold behaves. Be patient with yourself. You'll get it!
  9. Before cutting the border, cut away most of the excess dough around the cookie to give yourself elbow room.
  10. Then loosen the cookie from the surface and make sure it slides with flour underneath.(Remember what we said in Steps 4 and 5!!)
  11. Start to trace the border of the cookie impression with the cutter. Cut only a little bit of the arc, as much as is comfortable for your hand--maybe 2-3 inches. Then run the cutter off the dough edge.
  12. Rotate the cookie until it is comfortable for you to continue cutting another 2-3 inches of the arc where you left off, and run your cutter off the edge of the dough again.
  13. Repeat until you have trimmed the whole border.
  14. Transfer your cookie to a cookie sheet.
  15. Let this cookie dry for at least 24 hours. Do not flip it. You only want to dry the molded surface.
  16. Bake at 260 degrees for about 1 hour. All you want to do is bake it through and that is best accomplished at this low temperature for a long period of time. It will not get much of a foot--it is too big for that. But you will get a great cookie that will wow everyone.
  17. Remove from the oven. Let it cool on the cookie sheet undisturbed for at least one hour. Do not attempt to move the cookie until it is stone cold, or you might break it!
  18. For extra strengthening, you might want to let it air dry for a few hours more before removing it from the parchment paper. Peel away the parchment paper carefully. There may be a little sticking. Just go at it slowly and you'll remove the paper.
  19. Enjoy your work of art!