They say that every woman in Switzerland has wooden dough guides in her kitchen. We are not sure if this is true, but here at Springerle Joy, we love our dough thickness guides. You can stack these guides to achieve varying thicknesses and have perfectly flat and uniform dough every time. They are not only for Springerle cookies, this guides come in handy when making sugar cookies, pie crusts, or even biscuits. Once you have tried these wonderful tools, you will wonder what you ever did without them. (Item #10009)

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Largest Selection of Springerle Molds
in the World -- Over 1,000!

Springerle Joy brings you over 1,000 different traditional molds for making springerle cookies, marzipan, gingerbread, Swiss tirggel, paper casting, wax and paper-clay ornaments, to name just a few. Most of our molds are antique reproductions whose origins go as far back as the 1500s. Many of the original molds are in European museums and private collections.

Springerle Joy is honored to have the exclusive distribution rights to these fabulous molds in the Americas.

14 New Molds for 2014

Made in Switzerland with Swiss Quality

Molds 7124 7200

Our Springerle molds are made where many of the molds originated--in Switzerland. And our molds uphold the legendary reputation of impeccable Swiss quality.

Our springerle molds are made of a food-safe resin that makes our products:
  • Waterproof (you can soak your molds after using and they will not degrade)
  • Scrub-able (you can use a stiff brush with soap and water to clean out the crevices and your mold stays new)
  • Guaranteed unbreakable (if a mold ever breaks we will replace it for free)
Each mold is hand poured, hand painted and hand finished. This hand work ensures that every mold is a crisp reproduction of the original wooden mold, down to the finest detail. When you purchase a Springerle Joy mold you have the best quality mold in the world.

Änis-Paradies: Springerle World Expert
Anismodel Springerle History Book
Our molds are manufactured by Änis-Paradies of Olten Switzerland. Änis-Paradies owner Linus Feller is a world authority on the history and traditions of springerle molds and has published a beautifully illustrated book on the subject. In turn, Springerle Joy owner Patrice Romzick has written the English translation that accompanies the book.

If you are fascinated by these molds, this book is a must-read!

Springerle Molds of the Week

Pine cone mold 1003 is one of our most popular molds and the pine cone pair mold 1006 also makes cute cookies. The little Steinbach Forest Man is happy to be part of the scene.

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