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Authentic Swiss Springerle Cookie Molds

At Springerle Joy you will find 983 traditional cookie molds for Springerle, Lebkuchen gingerbread, Marzipan, Tirggel, Tragacanth, Bieber, paper casting, clay, soap, wax and other beautiful things. We offer the largest selection of Springerle molds in the world.

Molds L to R, T to B: 8201 4626 4364 3424 7028 2385 8201 2210 2236

Made in Switzerland with Swiss Quality

Our Springerle molds are made where many of the molds originated--in Switzerland. And our molds uphold the legendary reputation of impeccable Swiss quality.

Our springerle molds are made of a food-safe resin that makes our products waterproof, non-stick and guaranteed unbreakable. Each mold is hand poured, hand painted and hand finished. This hand work ensures that every mold is a crisp reproduction of the original wooden mold, down to the finest detail. When you purchase a Springerle Joy mold you have the best quality mold in the world.

Mold of the Day

Mold 9963

School days...begin in another month. How about celebrating the first day of school by giving your children or grandchildren cookies with a school theme?

Here's 9963 Old German Alphabet ($34). This is a small replica of a horn book used by children to learn the alphabet. (Yes, the modern J and Y are missing. In Old German, the I and J script were the same, and there were very few, if any words with the letter Y.) The letters were carved into a board, and children would trace the letters through a piece of parchment/paper that could be erased.

The cookie would look great in gingerbread!

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News Flash: Announcing hands-on springerle cookie classes.

Tips and Tricks Video

Patrice passes along three useful tips in this video produced in fall, 2013.